For the love of all things beautiful, home grown and sustainable I have always had a penchant for discovering new brands, specially when it comes to the beauty segment.

While most beauty products have an expiry date, I’d still hoard them for the times when I can’t rush to a salon or need to prep up for a date. You know being a woman, you could be asked out on a date anytime. ( Like a coffee date with self or your girlfriends!).

While scouting around for something that will keep my skin fresh and youthful, I came across this brand “Indrani Cosmetics”

To be brutally honest, the first thing that lured me to shop from their website were the pocket friendly prices and most of the products available in different package sizes, depending on usability and affordability.

Indrani cosmetics was started by one of the Gugle brothers, with a vision to have his own cosmetic company someday. After years of serving other companies, as an employee and distributor he finally was fully baked to start his own venture in 1995.  After being two decades old and 100 products later, the company now feels confident and enjoys a great reputation in the market catering to a large audience and helping them resolve skin and hair issues.

Adding an edge to the company, with his expertise and the digital media knowledge along with insights of PR that he learnt from his education in London Mr. Samit joined the company with a zest to make it “different”, “Fresh” and “Cool”. A young blood and an extremely enthusiastic Mr. Samit has surely been an asset to his father’s already successful venture and handles the marketing for Indrani cosmetics.


While the innovation and experimentation to present new products is always on, the focus remains on using the best quality raw material and ensuring results for each product to the customer. Each product is launched after substantial testing, and each product is unique with its own result. With a mission of customer safety and satisfaction, this brand has unique products that are chemical free and are made ethically.

The word “Indrani” comes from the goddess of beauty and jealousy, also the wife of king of Gods, Lord Indra. Achieve the beauty you desire to with these cosmetics, and see everyone around you go green with envy!

These products are sold online through their website, through Instagram and Facebook along with their vast network of distributors across the country. A good share of revenue for Indrani cosmetics comes through export while you can enjoy their products sitting at home, anywhere in the world if you order online!

From Facial kits to massage creams to anti-acne creams and beyond, Indrani cosmetics got you covered! While it was hard to control my online shopping binge, I restricted myself to a few products and this is what I think :

A.  Chocolate gel 

A product specially tested and produced for people with oily skin, this one actually smells divine and feels so light on your skin. A gel ideal for use if you’re looking for dewy skin as a result. It prevents acne and heals the skin against damage caused by dirt and grime settling down.

It’s easy to use, and can easily be used once or twice a week for massage, tan removal and removal of dead skin cells to give you a fresh as a bloom face.

The gel comes in a jar, and can easily last you a few months. Ideal product for the summer.


B. Lavender Spa Massage 

More of a cream based product, this product can be used during night time to give your facial muscles a nice massage as well as removing any stress or dirt accumulated throughout the day. A product that should be used in a small quantity, as it is oily.

I personally, washed my face with water after a light massage as I do not like to keep moisture or oil on my face. But you can keep vigorously massaging, until the Lavender Spa Massage cream is absorbed in the skin. A product great for use during travel.


C. Orange Facial 

I’ve always been a die hard fan of facials, specially the ones which actually smell of their ingredients. It doesn’t get better if they are natural, and are ACTUALLY even made using those that they claim or get their name after.

The orange facial was obviously, the best product of Indrani facial for its fragrance, result, price and the easy usability.

To double up the effect I bought a facial massager online, remembering and try to apply the exact steps as my therapist would do in a salon.

The facial consists of 6 parts and one needs a wee bit more time and patience to get the desired result or make their skin shine and complexion and texture looking better.

1. Lemon Cleansing Milk

Being an essential part of any skin regime, cleansing forms the first and the most important step. Massage your skin with lemon cleansing milk using your fingers in upward and circular strokes. Wipe your skin to prep up for the next step.



2. Apricot Scrub

Scrub your face gently for a few minutes till the skin absorbs the scrub and your face is fully relaxed. I added a massage here with the facial massager, and I was already starting to feel fresh.


3. Orange Facial Massage Gel

After scrubbing, you need to massage the skin to open up pores using this orange facial massage gel.



4. Orange Gel

Make the skin feel alive by the use of this fragrant and effervescent orange gel.



5. Orange Face Pack

Mix the face pack with a few drops of water to form a paste, and apply on face evenly using fingertips or a brush. Wash the paste when dry.


6. Astringent

After massage and use of many products on the face it is essential to use astringent to avoid any kind of breakouts or skin reactions. Finish, up with this astringent by dabbing the face with a cotton pad and you’re sure to have done a better job than your parlour-waali-aunty. 



F I N A L    R E S U L T


Before                                                   After


Facial at home, made easier. Time Taken : 30 minutes, you may take longer.

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